It’s a Hot market for sellers. Doesn’t that mean buyers will pay BIG for houses As Is?

In a seller’s market, it just doesn’t seem fair that a seller would still have to paint the house, fix the broken front railing or haul away the pile of junk in the yard before putting the house up for sale. Heck, why even clean it if 45 buyers are going to knock down your door and compete over the right to give you a pile of cash? Right?

Let’s answer this question using a dating scenario. Let’s say you’re a gal in search of a future husband. You peruse a number of social media apps (hey, it’s 2021, the bar scene is like, so OVER) and discover there is a shortage of eligible bachelors in the world. In the end, it appears there are only two! Just two!! One of them is a man who looks like his greatest love affair thus far has been with beer. He’s wearing a wrinkled and ill-fitting t-shirt that looks like its primary use was to wash his car. His hair has not seen a comb. Maybe ever. He is unemployed and living in his mom’s basement. There is something green stuck in his teeth. He lists his personal motto as “It Is What It Is.” Bachelor number 2 is wearing a clean, button-up shirt, the hair nicely combed and recently barbered, his teeth are so polished and shiny that they blind the eyes. He is gainfully employed at a job that requires actual skills. He lists his personal motto as “Always Aiming to Please YOU.”

At the end of the day, Bachelor number 2 has 85 dates lined up. Bachelor number 1 has none. 415 of the 500 women who were seeking their soul mate have now deleted their dating app, permanently.

Never under-estimate the right of a buyer to choose No Deal over the stinker being offered As Is.

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