Buyers! Free Money (well, practically…)

If you have a life, things to do, people to see, you may not have noticed mortgage rates.

In fact, you may have ignored the “mortgage rates are at historically low levels” ads on the radio – mostly because, from a historic point of view, anything under 5 percent is historically low and we’ve been there – on and off – for years. You may even have refinanced your mortgage relatively recently.

But COVID, and the related economic shutdown, has caused rates to fall through the floor. It was once thought that the 3.5 percent rate was below the floor. But now we’re in the 2’s. The TWOS!! Technically speaking, that’s practically FREE MONEY!

So if you were waiting for someone to call you up, tap you on the shoulder or drive by with a bullhorn yelling “Refinance NOW” well, this is it. Refinance now. Or, even better, Buy something and rent it out. Buy something, clean it up, fix it and sell it. Get your nest egg now so it can start appreciating for you.

And now that you have spent an inordinate amount of time in your current home and realize with more clarity how ready you are to make a move, now is the time! Low interest rates will make your money go further whether you are downsizing or upsizing.

If you need a reputable mortgage guru, give me a call and I’ll get you connected!

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