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Selling Your Home

Dude, It’s Time to Move

There are plenty of typical reasons for moving: To upsize, to downsize, to get closer to work, to retire, to be closer to family.

It’s the unadvertised, little-known motivations that the buyer never hears about.

Like these:

Unwanted Friends. You never knew your neighbors until COVID. Now you do.

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Home Ownership

Realtors on TV

You may have noticed the glut of videos in your email inbox. Or in every Google search result. Seems everything that once was written is now a video.

And if it’s your preference to get your information via video rather than text, it’s a gold mine out there… Occasionally, videos pop up that are eerily related to a TV show you just watched or – most creepily — something you were merely thinking about over coffee this morning.

But a new dimension in video is proliferating, thanks to BombBomb, YouTube and various other DIY video production companies: The Personal Video. Think of it like the walking and talking selfie.

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Buying a Home

Zoom Zoom Zoom: Doing Business the COVID Way

In these difficult times, the average business is having to cope with a significant shift in office life – to wit, no office life at all. Which means no donuts.

Since offices are closed and most everyone is on a Sit. Stay! order at home, outside contact is limited…

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Home Ownership

The Dundee Bypass Quandary

Situation: You want to do something, but it seems somehow…wrong.

Your solution to the problem – Look around and observe what everyone else is doing.

They all appear to be looking straight ahead, just…waiting.

Welcome to the western terminus of the Dundee Bypass, where traffic has obediently stopped at the bottom of the exit ramp, watching traffic on 99w go by…

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Buying a Home

How to Attend an Open House: Advice for the Covert Buyer

Open houses are fearsome, yet irresistible things.

On the one hand, they are an opportunity to see houses without the hassle of making appointments or calling a buyer’s agent.

On the other hand, they expose you to….The enemy agent. The one who can, just by being in the room, force you to reveal information…

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Home Ownership

City Shirkers

The worst bill is the one you don’t see coming.

If you’re a homeowner, you might be surprised at some of the things that can land on your doorstep.

Let’s talk about the sidewalks in front of your house.

You didn’t install them; they are the city’s right?

Well, yes. And no. The city installed them and they are considered a public accommodation. As such, you are not permitted to…

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